Pixbuf, a free social media management service for photographers, has launched a public beta of its new analytics tool. With Pixbuf, photographers can upload images and then share them directly with several supported social networks, including 500px, Twitter, and Flickr. Pixbuf will then track analytics data related to the images, such as how often each one is viewed and how may people liked it.

The service is simple to use. After signing up, users are presented with a clean, linear interface. Photos are added by clicking the 'Upload' button, then a title, tags, and a description can be added. Once uploaded, users can then click the 'Share Now' button to post the photograph to a paired social network.

Pixbuf's founder has stated that more social networks will be added in the future, including Instagram and Pinterest, as well as other features including support for applying to photo contests and picture archiving.