Finally back on UK soil I've taken stock and had an opportunity to update the report pages with some further manufacturers (Adobe, Digi-Frame, Iomega, Konica and Samsung). And refresh / update the text associated with each stand report. We've also included a brief diary and list of "key products" (IMHO) at the show.

Four days at Photokina 2000

Day one (press day): arrived in the afternoon to find most of the major manufacturers stands built but most of the smaller guys still struggling to finish their stands for the first open day. We attended several press launches and got our hands on the G1 for the first time (more of that below).

Day two: first open day, all the stands are now complete and we spend a day cruising the stands and visiting various manufacturers, the D1 performs flawlessly though I decide that ISO 800 is too noisy and I'll use ISO 400 the next day.

Day three: more of the same from day one, more visits to manufacturers and more sneaking around stands snapping pictures of the lates products, we manage to get a hands on the new Pentax Digital SLR (and very nice it is too - covered in the third report here).

Day four: less stand cruising, more writing, finally have a working ISP account and I post the first revision of these four pages.

Our top six stands (rated by the quality and size):

  1. Kodak
  2. Fujifilm
  3. Olympus
  4. Canon
  5. Nikon
  6. Agfa

Key Products

In summary we considered the following as the key digital photography products at Photokina 2000 (alphabetical order) - all covered in more detail on the following pages:

  • Adobe Photoshop 6.0
  • Agfa CL34
  • Canon PowerShot G1 **, EOS-D30, 400mm f/4 DO IS lens
  • Casio QV-3EX
  • Contax (Kyocera) N Digital
  • Delkin 448 MB CompactFlash Type II
  • Foveon & Hasselblad DFinity **, Foveon 16mp sensor
  • Fujifilm Finepix 4900Z
  • Hewlett Packard C-912 (AKA Pentax EI-2000), C-215, C-315
  • IBM 512 MB & 1 GB Microdrive
  • Kodak DCS Pro Back, DC3800, DC3200
  • Lexar 10x 160 MB Pro CompactFlash Type I
  • Minolta Dimage 2300, 2330
  • Nikon Coolpix 880
  • Olympus E-10, E-100RS
  • Panasonic iPalm
  • Pentax Digital SLR ** (exclusive shots on page three), EI-2000 (AKA HP C-912)
  • Ricoh RDC-i700
  • SanDisk 300 MB CF Type II, Photo-Me collaboration
  • Sony DSC-P1 **
  • Toshiba PDR-M70
  • Yashica (Kyocera) Finecam 3300

** My personal top products

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