Just had a note from Eric Hyman that he's now made the first official release of MacBibble v1.0 for OS8.5/OS9. Bibble is a tool for accessing, converting and manipulating Nikon D1 .NEF (RAW files) as well as JPEGs. "This release represents all the features of MacBibble being online. All of the power of the original Bibble are now yours to use in MacBibble, as well as some unique macintosh features (preview icons)"

Click here for the MacBibble home page

MacBibble Revision History (v1.0)

  • *New* MacBibble automatically creates finder and photoshop preview icons for all files
  • *NEW* Apply all of bibbles "processes" to previews and batches(Color, HSV, USM, Noise, Sharpen).
  • *NEW* Enhancements to noise filter. Dramatically reduces Noise. 4 levels of noise/detail
  • *NEW* Small histogram on options screen for both origianl and finished image.
  • Added Renaming options in batch processing (Sequential with basename, Prefix+Suffix or data/time)
  • Added "EXIF Only" type to batch output for just writing out EXIF to a txt file in a batch (No image conversion)
  • Enlarged preview Window.
  • Removed unused Monitor options.
  • Fixed Batches so that you can cancel them correctly.
  • Fixed Clipping with HSV Saturation (switched to HLS)
  • Fixed Memory Leaks.
  • Fixed some issues relating to monitor correction and jpegs.
  • Changed scale of S & V in HSV. finer controls.
  • Fixed Autorotation. I accidentally got Whacked in the revisions.
  • Fixed Major bug in Mac White Balance Override. Gave incorrect color when used.
  • Fixed problem where canceling preview dialog hosed menus.
  • Fixed problem with location of batch saved jpegs when using previews.
  • Fixed EXIF getting lost from jpegs (Yucky bug).
  • Fixed bug with jpeg save levels defaulting to same value.
  • Fixed (I hope!) The Buzzwords plugin problem. If it happens, apple-Q to quit a reload.
  • Trial extended.