A new device has launched on Kickstarter called CAMpanion, and it aims to improve your GoPro experience by mounting the small action camera onto the back of a smartphone. A 3D-printed box holds the GoPro, and slides onto a plate that is attached to the back of a smartphone or a smartphone case using adhesive. The device's creators are offering a finished version of the CAMpanion through the crowdfunding website, but are also providing a 3D printable file for those who would rather print their own.

The device was created as a way to solve difficulty with framing and otherwise viewing footage on the HERO4’s tiny display. By mounting the camera onto the back of a smartphone, the mobile app’s live viewfinder functionality can be used to view a live footage feed without having to separately handle or mount the GoPro camera. In addition, the smartphone’s rear LED light can be used to illuminate subject’s while recording with the GoPro. An accessory mount is included on the CAMpanion for fixing a microphone or other accessory in place, as well.

Just about any smartphone (or other surface) can be used with CAMpanion, assuming that it is completely flat. A GoPro lens cap is also offered. Those who prefer to print their own can pledge $5 to receive an STL-format 3D printable file, which will be delivered when the Kickstarter campaign is finished. A $30 pledge is required to receive a finished CAMpanion, which is 25% off the eventual retail price. Those who backed the product will have their units shipped in May.

Via: Kickstarter