Modular camera design. Image via KIPRIS

Dutch website Galaxy Club has discovered several Samsung patent applications on the Korean patent website KIPRIS and they all appear to be related to smartphone camera design. One document shows a modular camera design that allows you to attach zoom lenses, conversion lenses and possibly even a projector to the device via an accessory mount. 

Another designs shows a hybrid device that looks like a very thin Samsung Galaxy K Zoom. The device is as thin as a regular phone but has a very large lens housing. There is also a physical camera button and a control dial on the thicker end of the device which resembles a camera grip. 

The third design describes a device that has some resemblance to the Galaxy S6 Edge, with a curved edge screen and glass at front and back. Unlike current Samsung devices there is no physical home button and the camera comes which a dual Xenon flash which should, compared to the current LED-lights, make flash photography a whole new experience.

As usual with patent applications there is no way of knowing if and when they'll hit the market in a production device, but it is certainly good to know that a company like Samsung, that has both mobile and camera know-how, is looking into innovative ways of improving the cameras in mobile devices.

Source: KIPRIS |  Via: Galaxy Club | Via: GSM Arena