Last week we ran a generic IBM Microdrive satisfaction poll, we had 933 responses and although the majority of the results were in favour of the Microdrive it's clear that not everyone is happy (it's also clear that the newer 1 GB Microdrive is better). Some 77% of 340 MB Microdrive owners and 83% of 1 GB Microdrive owners were happy, however that still leaves a good percentage of people who either had some problems or who thought their Microdrive was terrible.

340 MB IBM Microdrive (MK I)

  • 77% No problems (360)
  • 14% Some problems (63)
  • 9% Terrible (42)

1 GB IBM Microdrive (MK II)

  • 83% No problems (390)
  • 11% Some problems (50)
  • 6% Terrible (28)

Note: we've had to reformat the original results as the percentages were split incorrectly (the number of respondents and clicks was correct).