Hi all, I am a happy owner of a Fujifilm X-E1. This camera has an innovation CMOS matrix X-Trans with a non-standard color filter array pattern. And there was a great surprise for me that support of my Adobe Lightroom 4.3 for X-Trans matrix is bugged. Now I am going to test the support of several raw converters for the X-Trans raw to choose my new one.

I have choosen the next three photos for the tests: 

This photo was taken at extreme light condition. There was an exhibition of ice sculptures lighted by artificial night light. This couple was lighted by the bright violet projector at the front, behind there was an ice sculpture with the snow and the night around. May be this photo is not good, but due to it's badness it's good to test how convertors work at extreme conditions. :)  Raw is here.
This is a sample image from the X-E1 dpreview review for ISO 200. You can take the raw from the review article. But I've found strange settings recorded in raw. First the noise reduction was changed from Std to Hi, even for ISO 200. I've recreated the jpeg with standard noise reduction. Second, WB was set by grey sample and latter was manually shift to the cyan (WB shift is R -3 B 0). That's why the sample image is so bluish.
 The same raw image, but with fixed WB shift to the default (R 0 B 0). Much warmer. Some converters reveals cold colors as in raw WB+WB shift settings, some warm as this WB without WB shift. Thats why I'll keep both to be compared.
 The same image with ISO 6400 and the raw WB shift R -3 B 0.
 The same image with ISO 6400 and the default WB shift.

 I will converts this 3 photos in each converters in 2 variants. First variant will be with settings to preserve camera WB and exposition and with defaults for all others settings. Second will be with auto correction of brightness and WB. Jpeg quality is set to 95 where it's possible.