Comdex 2001: Ricoh has today announced the 4 megapixel Caplio RR1. The Caplio (which is very similar in design to the RDC-5/7xx series) carries a unique 'flat' design with a fold-up LCD screen, 3x optical zoom lens and is supplied with a total of 72 MB of storage (8 MB internal, 64 MB flash).


Press release:

Ricoh Announces Ultra Thin 4.13 Megapixel Tri-Mode Digital Camera at $699

One-inch-thin Caplio RR1 ships standard with 72MB and features video, sound and still photography, high-end features and USB connectivity

LAS VEGAS - Nov. 12, 2001-- Ricoh,, today announced the multimedia 4-megapixel Caplio RR1 digital camera. This powerful USB-enabled camera, available now, offers three operating modes, digital still, voice and motion picture. The camera ships standard with a 64MB SmartMedia card and 8 MB of onboard memory, for a whopping 72MB of memory out of the box. At $699, Ricoh has lowered entry cost barriers associated with 4-megapixel digital cameras and expanded the appeal to avid photographers as well as to digital imaging enthusiasts and business users.

Capturing crisp resolutions of 2272 x 1704 dpi, the compact Caplio RR1 features Ricoh's famous pivoting LCD viewer and offers a 10.8X zoom capability. The camera also boasts high-end professional features like a 3x optical zoom, 0.4-inch super-macro for extremely close-up shots, continuous shooting capability and time lapse.

"Until now, 4 megapixel cameras have appealed more to avid photographers and imaging professionals because of price and complexity,'' said Jeff Lengyel, marketing manager for Ricoh's Digital Camera Division. "The Caplio RR1 represents a new breed of digital imaging solution by setting a new standard for quality and price. By combining digital still, voice and video with 72MB memory and a complete software bundle, Ricoh's Caplio RR1 brings the world of 4-megapixel photography to a much broader range of potential users.''

Four million pixels produces photographic quality prints up to 11 x 17-inches. Storage is also flexible, with selectable scales of 2272 x 1704, 1120 X 840 pixels and 640 X 480 pixels plus four compression settings of Fine, Normal, Economy and Non-compressed.

Many of the RR1's powerful features, designed for the most discerning photographer, make the camera remarkably easy to use. For example, the lens architecture uses three aspherical lens elements to minimize light dispersion and maximize light refraction to get a remarkable 200 mm/line resolution across the entire zoom range. The result is stunning crispness and color reproduction on every image captured.

The unique and powerful RR1 feature set includes text mode, which records printed material or a whiteboard in a black-and-white image that can be made even more readable by adjusting density. Also, an in-camera cropping tool trims images directly in the LCD or on a PC, so initial composition is less critical and special outputs like digital postcards are easy to create. The camera even has dual shutters positioned for vertical or horizontal pictures, backed up by an in-camera editor that allows a picture to be rotated after taking it.

The slimline Caplio RR1 is only 26.6 mm (1 in) thin with a sleek metallic body design that fits it comfortably into a shirt pocket. It is set off by Ricoh's famous large LCD viewer, approximately 200,000 pixels of clear screen that rotates and swivels at various angles and accurately displays the image the user will get, even at the most challenging positions.

The Caplio RR1 camera is available now at Fry's Electronics or direct from Ricoh.