Wearable devices are the flavor of the season and the digital camera sector is no exception. A little while ago we reviewed the Autographer and now the Lifelogger, which is currently trying to get funded via a Kickstarter project, offers a similar concept.

The idea is to record important (and less important) life events from your point of view with the Lifelogger attached to your ear. It's similar to how you would wear a bluetooth headset. In terms of hardware, the Lifelogger offers a 5MP camera, 128MB of storage, a microSD slot, Wi-Fi and a GPS receiver for geotagging.

Lifelogger users might be mistaken for limo drivers.  
On the plus side, your family life will be recorded for posterity.

You can stream the recorded footage to your phone via Wi-Fi and upload to the Lifelogger cloud server where the videos can have electronic video stabilization, face and voice detection, OCR and geomapping applied. Alternatively you can connect the Lifelogger to your computer via USB and download the files for manual editing. There are also iOS and Android apps for video management. 

If you think your life is interesting enough to make logging worthwhile, on the Lifelogger Kickstarter page you can reserve a device for $169. Other backing options start from as little as $1. Shipping is planned for late 2014. Watch the video below for more information.

Source: Kickstarter | Via: Android Central