Demotix collects images from photographers from around the world to sell to news outlets. Because of its minimal requirements for uploaders, Demotix is popular among amateur photojournalists.

Demotix, a photo agency founded in 2008 to connect independent photojournalists with mainstream media, has been acquired by Bill Gates' photo agency Corbis. Demotix collects nearly 50,000 photos from around the world every month and sells them to news outlets. Demotix then splits the profits with the photographers 50/50. 

Both Demotix and Corbis have apps for mobile photographers looking to sell images to the mainstream media, but Demotix is much more open about who can upload. Corbis requires its content providers to be hand-picked by editors while Demotix is less selective. A photographer can create a Demotix account in minutes whereas Corbis requires an application process.

We will be looking at Corbis to see where Demotix will fall within the huge image licensing company. Corbis holds the rights to over 100 million images and actively collects images for commercial, editorial and news use. Demotix is exclusively used for photojournalistic purposes and currently has more than 6,500 active content providers.

Full Press Release:

Corbis Acquires Demotix

Corbis Expands Global Media Footprint and Acquires Breaking News Photojournalism Newswire, Demotix, Following Successful Investment and Global Distribution Partnership

SEATTLE, WA--(Marketwire - Nov 14, 2012) - Corbis (, a leading visual media provider for the creative community, today announced that it acquired Demotix (, an award winning open news platform, following a successful investment and global media distribution partnership between the two companies announced in 2011. Exact terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Launched in 2009, London-based Demotix is recognized as a source for breaking news photography from locations that many mainstream media struggle to reach. Demotix has a community of more than 6,500 active freelance professional and semi-professional photographers and videographers, who contribute nearly 50,000 images monthly. Demotix has community-based journalists in almost every country around the world, with particularly comprehensive networks in Europe, the Middle East and Asia -- locations that complement Corbis' existing network strengths.

"Today's announcement underscores our commitment to providing our media customers access to an exceptional selection of breaking news imagery -- from premium news sources to alternative coverage outside of the scope of the mainstream newswires," said Gary Shenk, CEO of Corbis. "Demotix helps build out Corbis' unmatched portfolio of news and entertainment imagery that cannot be found anywhere else."

Corbis offers a curated selection of breaking news imagery from the Demotix collection through, as well as an affordable subscription product for publications looking to supplement their current wire service or an alternative to higher cost traditional wire services.

"Through our partnership with Corbis we have expanded the reach of our network of contributors who are bringing cutting edge photojournalism each day from all over the world," said Turi Munthe, CEO of Demotix. "Demotix and Corbis share the same commitment to photojournalism and editorial integrity and our team is confident this acquisition will serve to increase the impact and opportunities for Demotix contributors."

Demotix has been recognized with numerous global awards, including the Media Guardian Innovation Award for Independent Media 2009 and a Webby (News) 2011. Its images are featured daily all over the world, and have made front page of The New York TimesThe Wall Street JournalThe Guardian, and many others, as well as CNN, NBC, the BBC, and other national news outlets.