Nikon has announced that it will release new firmware for three of its DSLRs, improving their ability to communicate with the Atomos Shogun and Ninja-2 external video recording devices. The cameras concerned are the Nikon D4S, the D810 and the D750 and the update is slated to arrive this summer. Nikon says the update will improve 'recording command functions with the HDMI output to external recorders'  so that the Atomos devices and the cameras will be able to communicate with each other. This will synchronise the stop/start functions of recorders when the cameras begin or end a video clip.

The Atomos Shogun and Ninja-2 are external recorders that allow videographers to bypass the camera's memory card so footage can be stored directly on the device. They connect via the camera's HDMI socket and allow users to store uncompressed video instead of the compressed footage that most cameras store on a memory card. This presents more opportunity for editing and producing a better quality final product.

Both Shogun and Ninja-2 also feature built-in monitors, so that whatever is being recorded is displayed on the device's screen. The Ninja-2 is designed for HD recording, but the Shogun can also handle 4K footage.

To find out more about the Shogun and Ninja-2 recorders visit the Atomos website.

Press Release:

Nikon develops new firmware for its Nikon D4S, D810, and D750 DSLR cameras

London, UK, 10th April 2015: Nikon Corporation is developing new firmware for its Nikon D4S, Nikon D810, and Nikon D750 DSLR cameras, for release this summer. The new firmware will improve workflow for professional video applications by improving recording command functions with HDMI output to external recorders.

With the new firmware, communication can be established between the cameras and Atomos Shogun or Ninja-2 external recording devices. The video recorders will be able to recognise the cameras' own operations, enabling the start/stop recording commands to become synchronised and automated. Meanwhile, it will also provide greater support for recording of high-definition, uncompressed data that makes the most of the superior resolution of the D4S, D810 and D750, plus the excellent rendering performance of NIKKOR lenses to external recorders.

Nikon continues to expand and provide greater support for its video recording functions in response to the creative needs of professional photographers, videographers, video creators and advanced amateurs. With improved video recording capabilities, users will be able to take full advantage of the performance and capabilities of Nikon's range of products.

Demonstrations of the firmware currently under development will be held in the Nikon booth at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show, held in Las Vegas from Saturday 11th April through to Thursday 16th April.
Simon Iddon, Group Product Manager, D-SLR Lenses and Accessories, Nikon UK, says: “DSLR cameras are being used now more than ever for broadcasting, film and video production, so they are required to capture stills whilst being able to support high quality video recording and editing. This new firmware will make the process even easier, allowing greater communication between multiple systems when used professionally. Nikon's continuing advancement and dedication to making our products better and even more capable is demonstrated in these innovative new changes.”