Seasonal activities

During summer and autumn you can enjoy hiking, boat trips and cruises.

Photo: © George Vlachos

It is worth mentioning that, except for the activities, locals make staying in the area a truly memorable experience. Therefore, I was thoroughly impressed from the love, the willingness and the hospitality of the citizens of Longyearbyen, where we stayed. With a permanent smile on their face they made an answer out of every query we had and they were continuously leading our every step to the exploration of the arctic environment. I am obliged to say a warm and sincere “thank you” to all Svalbardian people!

Central road and market. Longyearbyen. Photo: © George Vlachos

In the summer period, visitors can experience viewing millions of sea-birds living in bird cliffs. You can also enjoy an unforgettable exploration of amazing mountain peaks and glaciers or exploring the wonderful scenery by going dog sledging on wheels.

Photo: © George Vlachos

On the other side, the winter season offers extreme opportunities for skiing trips, dog sledging and snowmobile safaris.

Photo: © George Vlachos

Generally speaking, tourists should know that many activities are only available during certain seasons: snowmobile safaris, dog sledging and skiing are usually possible from December to the end of May.  Moreover, the boating season normally starts in the beginning of June and lasts until around the end of September.