Luxury goods brand Brikk has released the price of its forthcoming 'Lux Nikon kit' that has been finished in its trademark yellow gold and which will be on sale this month. Set to cost $41,395, the kit will include a gold plated Nikon Df body, a Nikkor 14-24mm f/2.8 lens with gold plated lens cap and lens hood, together with the usual charger, cables and software, and will come in a specially made gold plated Zero Haliburton hard case.

Brikk says it will produce a limited edition of only 77 of these kits, the inspiration for which came from Nikon’s own gold FM body from 1977. Brikk CEO, Cyrus Blacksmith, says he expected Nikon to create a gold version of the Df when it was launched, but when none appeared he decided to make one himself in-line with the company’s Lux range of gold plated iPhones and smartphones.

The company states that the camera bodies and lenses are dissembled and the parts to be plated are hand polished before being treated with 5 layers of 'diverse metals' and then plated with two layers of gold. The gold plating is between four and five microns thick, and is certified to be 24k. The Nikon name plate is removed and replaced with a plate that bears the Brikk logo.

Parts not plated, including the body, grip, prism and the focus and zoom rings of the lens, are covered with stingray skin, chosen for its durability and textured finish. Costing almost 10x the price of the standard body and lens kit, the Lux Nikon comes with a 1 year limited warranty from Brikk.

Brikk claims to donate a proportion of its profits to 'populations around the world which are suffering', and that 'For each product sold, a specific amount of aid is allocated and distributed to those in need through select NGOs'.

The Lux Nikon Kit will be available through Brikk reselllers, Brikk stores and on the company website. For more information visit the Brikk Lux Nikon product page.