Accessory maker Moment, best known for its high-quality add-on lenses and the Moment case, has added a new lens to its lineup. The Moment Macro lens offers a 25mm focal length and 10x magnification. In contrast to most available smartphone macro lenses it also features a more complex multi-element design and ED-glass for improved image quality in addition to multi-layer anti-reflective coatings. The lens also comes with a diffuser hood that should make it easier to achieve pleasantly soft lighting on your macro subjects.

Unfortunately at this point not much more technical detail or any information on pricing has been released. On the product images the Macro lens, like its sister models in the Moment line-up, certainly looks quite bulky. We'd hope the large dimensions translate to superior image quality compared to competing products. Check out the samples below or click through to the Moment website for further information. There you can also sign up to receive email updates about the new product. Shipping is expected to start in August.

Source: Moment | Via: Peta Pixel