One of the stands we didn't get a chance to visit at CES 2014 was that of Sakar International. Its Vivicam IU680 (as seen by at first looks like a competitor to Sony's QX models and JK Imaging's Kodak Smart Lenses. However, a closer look reveals that the lens module is interchangeable. We say lens module, rather than lens because it appears to be the same 10-30mm lens/sensor combination shown by Sakar at last year's CES under the Polaroid brand.

The Vivitar-branded 'Vivicam IU680' extends the 'smart lens' concept of Sony's QX cameras by moving to a modular camera. (Image from

The 10-30mm module appears to be the same one that Sakar was offering with the Polaroid iM1836 before it was forced to take that camera off the market. Details of that camera were hard to find (but the oft-quoted 27-80mm equivalent range would give it a 1"-type sensor). The flashgun awkwardly mounted on top of the Vivicam has also previously appeared with the Polaroid brand name. Pricing and availability have yet to be released.

Look familiar? Sakar first showed these camera modules under the Polaroid brand at 2013's CES. (Image from