I just released VuePrint 7.3 - a JPEG image viewer for Windows. The main new feature may be of interest to rec.photo.digital - it displays comprehensive digital camera information when reading files that have embedded EXIF, CIFF, or Olympus APP12 info.

VuePrint 7.3 can be downloaded from


The new features in VuePrint 7.3 are

  • Shutter speed and F-number are displayed in menu bar (along with file name, image size, bit depth, and dpi) when EXIF or CIFF file from a digital camera is displayed. This information is also extracted from images produced by some Olympus digital cameras.
  • Image comments contain detailed information from EXIF or CIFF file from digital camera. Choose the "File|Show|Show comments..." command to display this, or press the "N" key.

Note that the CIFF, EXIF, and APP12 info are saved with new images if you convert to new formats or crop images. When you subsequently display these images, the shutter speed, F-stop, and other camera information is also available.

Regards, Ed Hamrick