FxCamera (v2.6.0 reviewed)

In short:

  • Very low resolution
  • Preselect filter category and aspect ratio, take picture, then filter/edit in preview step
  • Filtered/edited picture must be stored by user


  • Attractive user interface
  • Lux feature


  • 1/2 megapixel, or less, resolution
  • No zoom
  • No geolocation
  • Extremely limited choice of frames


FxCamera is quite popular despite its limited feature set and the abysmal resolution of the photos it produces. When a square aspect ratio is selected, FxCamera delivers only 600x600 pixels, which isn't even as large as Instagram's puny 612x612.

Other than the rather attractive user interface, there isn't much to commend FxCamera. But users rate it highly nonetheless.

Image capture

  • Formats: 4:3 800x600, 1:1 600x600

  • Viewfinder features: Masked to selected format

  • Flash: Yes

  • Zoom: No

  • Prefocus: Yes

  • Front camera: Yes

  • Self-timer: 5 seconds, 10 seconds

  • Interval timer: No

  • Disable shutter sound: No

  • Other: None

  • Store geo-location: No

  • Save original: No

  • Auto-save: No

Photo adjustment

  • Image is zoomable during editing: No
  • General-purpose adjustments: No

  • Filters: Dozens of choices

  • Filter adjustments: No

  • Other: Lux feature
  • Frames: 1 choice, "Instant" category only. "Toy camera" category has vignetting "frame". Choose after shooting

Plays well with others?

  • Other apps can use as camera: Yes

  • Other apps can use as editor: Yes

  • Other apps can use for sharing: Yes

  • Load existing photos: Yes

  • Upload to: Facebook, Twitter, Mixi

  • Transfer to other apps: Yes

App info

  • Publisher: Bitcellar, Japan

  • Price: Free

  • Android versions: "Varies with device"

  • User ratings on Google Play: 4.4 (135K)

  • Rating on applause.com: 67

  • Size: 15.5MB, 13.2MB movable to internal SD card