Pudding Camera (v3.0.1 reviewed)

In short:

  • Select format and filter effect — "camera" and "film" — then take pictures
  • Photo is automatically stored after picture is taken
  • No post-capture editing of any kind
  • Must switch to gallery mode to share or delete


  • Multiple formats — 4:3, 3:2, 1.85 (incorrectly called 16:9)
  • Center focus square format with adjustable focus circle
  • Faux fisheye square format
  • Viewfinder is masked to match the selected format
  • Live preview of selected filter on most devices
  • Exposure compensation with live preview in viewfinder
  • Multi-snap collages — 2, 3, and 4 images — with optional 3-second interval timer
  • Viewfinder shows portion of collage to be snapped next
  • Gallery shows settings used for each photo


  • Basically 1 megapixel resolution
  • No zoom
  • No self-timer
  • Cannot store original captured image
  • Seems to turn on GPS even if geolocation isn't being used
  • Cannot disable shutter sound
  • Filter effects are quite conservative
  • Filter effects cannot be combined — for example, vignetting can't be combined with other effects
  • No filter adjustments
  • No frames
  • Somewhat limited cooperation with other apps


Easy to use, but the multi-snap collages are about the only thing that stand out when compared with other free toy camera apps.

Version 3 is brand-new. This review was originally written based on version 2.6, then updated to version 3.

 Image capture

  • Formats: 4:3 1280x960, 3:2 1280x853, "16:9" is actually 1.85 1280x691, Square (center-focus or faux-fisheye) 1280x1280

  • Viewfinder features: Masked to selected format. Rule of Thirds lines. Live preview of exposure compensation. Live preview of filter (most devices)

  • Flash: Yes

  • Zoom: No

  • Prefocus: Yes, except Fantasy (center focus) camera

  • Front camera: Yes

  • Self-timer: No

  • Interval timer: 3 seconds

  • Disable shutter sound: No

  • Other: Exposure compensation with live preview in viewfinder. Faux fisheye. Multi-snap (2, 3, 4) collages

  • Store geo-location: Yes

  • Save original: No

  • Auto-save: Always

  • Rotation corrected: Yes

Photo adjustment

  • Image is zoomable during editing: Yes
  • General-purpose adjustments: No

  • Filters: 7 choices before shooting, in addition to "normal"

  • Filter adjustments: Blur area of center-focus

  • Frames: No

Plays well with others?

  • Other apps can use as camera: Yes

  • Other apps can use as editor: No

  • Other apps can use for sharing: No

  • Load existing photos: Only view/share/delete photos from Pudding Camera

  • Upload to: Facebook, Twitter, pudding.to. Tumblr, Flickr, Kakao Talk are claimed but not yet working

  • Transfer to other apps: Yes

App info

  • Publisher: KT Hitel, South Korea

  • Price: Free

  • Android versions: 2.2 (Froyo) and later

  • User ratings on Google Play: 4.1 (50K)

  • Rating on applause.com: 62

  • Size: 22.2MB, 19.3MB movable to internal SD card