Paper Camera (version 3.4.1 reviewed)

In short:

  • Preselect the filter effect, then take pictures
  • Photo is automatically stored after picture is taken
  • Automatic preview, with share option. Manually dismiss preview to return to capture mode
  • No post-capture editing


  • Unusual specialty filters with live adjustments
  • Live preview of filter effect and adjustments
  • Video capture with filter effect and adjustments


  • Strictly 4:3 landscape mode with 3 megapixel resolution
  • Cannot store original captured image
  • Viewfinder size is somewhat reduced
  • No prefocus
  • Cannot disable shutter sound
  • No geolocation
  • No frames
  • No free version


If you like the specialty effects that Paper Camera offers, you'll probably overlook any shortcomings in the specifications. Paper Camera is a pleasure to use; it has a nicer "fit and finish" when compared with the free apps. Everything just seems to work smoothly.

Most people aren't going to use these effects on a regular basis, though. So the question is whether it's worth a couple of bucks to you or not.

The specialty filters:

  • Comic Boom: comic book
  • Sketch Up: pencil sketch
  • Acquarello: water color
  • Old Printer: B&W dots
  • Neon Cola: randomly colored bright edges against a black background
  • Contours: black edges against a white background
  • Bleaching: posterized yellows and browns with low contrast
  • Half Ton: half-tone dots with significantly reduced saturation of color
  • Gotham Noir: B&W with options for posterization, edges, etc.
  • Granny's Paper: B&W with brown-paper-bag toning
  • Pastel Perfect: pastel sketch
  • Andy Pop: brightly colored quadruplicates in four quadrants
  • Haystacks: impressionist

Image capture

  • Formats: 4:3 2048x1536 (3 megapixel)

  • Viewfinder features: Fanciful presentation with somewhat reduced viewfinder area. Live view of filter effect and adjustments

  • Flash: Yes

  • Zoom: Yes. Screen buttons and volume up/down

  • Prefocus: No

  • Front camera: Yes

  • Self-timer: No

  • Interval timer: No

  • Disable shutter sound: No

  • Other: Video recording

  • Store geo-location: No

  • Save original: No

  • Auto-save: Always

  • Rotation corrected: No. Landscape orientation

Photo adjustment

  • Image is zoomable during editing: No
  • General-purpose adjustments: No

  • Filters: Must use. 13 choices before shooting. Live view of effect in viewfinder

  • Filter adjustments: Yes, before shooting. Live view in viewfinder

  • Frames: No

Plays well with others?

  • Other apps can use as camera: Yes

  • Other apps can use as editor: No

  • Other apps can use for sharing: Yes

  • Load existing photos: Yes. Shrinks to 2048 on long side

  • Upload to: Facebook, Twitter, Email

  • Transfer to other apps: Yes

App info

  • Publisher: JFDP Labs, UK

  • Price: $1.99 (US)

  • Android versions: 2.1 (Froyo) and later

  • User ratings on Google Play: 4.5 (22K)

  • Rating on 79

  • Size: 18.9MB, 14.3MB movable to internal SD card