RetroCamera (v3.83 reviewed)

In short:

  • Preselect the look — as a fantasy camera choice — then take pictures
  • Graphic depiction of the fantasy cameras, both front and rear
  • Photos, both original and filtered, are automatically stored after picture is taken
  • No post-capture editing of any sort
  • Must switch to gallery mode to share or delete


  • Full-resolution (square) images, plus option to store full-resolution original capture
  • ISO and AF mode selection options
  • Can assign alternate hardware shutter button


  • Only six fantasy cameras to choose from, limited B&W and frame options
  • Fantasy camera descriptions are inaccurate in parts
  • Tiny viewfinder area
  • Flash control selection is buried in menu
  • No zoom
  • No prefocus
  • Can't use front camera
  • No geolocation
  • Gallery mode shows only the most recent photos taken from RetroCamera
  • Limited cooperation with other apps
  • Particularly annoying ads in free version


RetroCamera has a very different gestalt than other toy camera apps. It wants to remind you of working with actual cameras rather than be an image-capture app. Some people will like it, others will hate it. The limited choices and the high resolution (including optional full-resolution original) are things you'll likely consider, but in the end it's probably going to come down to whether you enjoy the fantasy-camera illusion or not.

Image capture

  • Formats: Square full-resolution

  • Viewfinder features: fantasy camera body graphic with small square viewfinder

  • Flash: Yes, activate from menu

  • Zoom: No

  • Prefocus: No

  • Front camera: No

  • Self-timer: 5 seconds, 10 seconds, 20 seconds

  • Interval timer: No

  • Disable shutter sound: Yes

  • Store geo-location: Yes

  • Save original: Yes, full resolution. Center was used for square crop

  • Auto-save: No

  • Rotation corrected: No, but with square format there's no reason to rotate

  • Other: ISO selection, focus mode selection (auto, infinity, normal, macro, continuous), alternate hardware shutter button. All from menu

Photo adjustment

  • General-purpose adjustments: No

  • Filters: Must use. 6 choices before shooting

  • Filter adjustments: 4 filters have B&W option, selected before shooting

  • Frames: 4 filters have 1 choice of optional frame, activated from menu before shooting; 1 filter always has a frame

Plays well with others?

  • Other apps can use as camera: No

  • Other apps can use as editor: No

  • Other apps can use for sharing: No

  • Load existing photos: Only view/share/delete the most recent photos from retroCamera

  • Upload to: Facebook, Twitter, Email

  • Transfer to other apps: Some

App info

  • Publisher: Urbian, US

  • Price: Free, $2.99 (US) to turn off ads

  • Android versions: 2.0 (Eclair) and later

  • User ratings on Google Play: 4.3 (53K)

  • Rating on 68

  • Size: 9.8MB, 8.2MB movable to internal SD card