The Sony stand this year is one of the largest in the CES Central Hall, covering all of the Japanese electronics giant's product categories including computers, laptops, tablets, TVs and audio equipment. The imaging section occupies a substantial portion of the stand real estate and, as expected, visitor attention is focused on the company's latest mirrorless and translucent mirror models such as the flagship NEX 7 and SLT-A77. However, Sony's only new cameras for CES are the rather unexciting Cyber-shot W610, W620 and W650 compact cameras.

The Sony stand is one of the largest in the Central Hall and covers a multitude of product categories  
It features a stage and giant screen where presentations are happening throughout the day. Sony G-lens lineup in a case
The NEX 7 proudly displays its dpreview gold award. The Cyber-shot compact cameras and bloggie pocket camcorders are displayed side-by-side.
The stand features a replica of the Men in Black make-up studio And some of the movie characters appear to be fascinated by Sony's line of telezoom lenses.
Cyber-shot W610, 14.1 MP and 4x zoom  
Cybershot W-620, 14.1 MP and 5x zoom  
Cybershot W-650, 16.1 MP and 5x zoom