Pentax has today released firmware update V 1.10 for their K10D DSLR. Features added and upgraded by this update include wireless flash control, refinements to the ISO and exposure control systems and improvements to long-exposure image quality.

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Latest K10D Firmware Update

Thank you for using a PENTAX K10D digital camera. PENTAX wishes to announce the release of Firmware Update Software Version 1.10 for K10D. Firmware in this document is the software that runs inside digital cameras .

Changes to V1.10

The following function has been added in version 1.10

  • Wireless control of external flash through built-in flash.
  • Instantly return to centre AF point by one push of button in AF select mode.
  • Possible to change ISO setting by dial at TV/AV mode.
  • ISO setting change by dial while the ISO setting is being displayed on the LCD by pushing OK button.
  • Green button function in M mode is available at TAv mode (Hyper manual).
  • AV and TV switch by dial at P mode.
  • Instant return to the default value by green button at strobe light compensation.

The following contents have been corrected.

  • In rare case, vertical stripe at long time exposure.
  • Released “B exposure” and show battery empty sign when using B mode.

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