Mashable's Emily Price demonstrated how Google Glass users can post photos to Facebook with a third-party app.

As developers spend more time with their Google Glass devices, more apps are being released to use Glass's features in new ways. Android app maker Tesseract Mobile created Glass to Facebook so users can post their Google Glass-captured photos to Facebook.

All photos taken with Google Glass are automatically saved to the user's private Google+ photo library. With Glass to Facebook, users add the app as a contact. After a photo is taken, they can choose to share the image with Glass to Facebook. The photo will then appear in a "Glass Post Photos" album on their Facebook page.

Along with developing apps for Google Glass, Tesseract Mobile's Laura Ockel managed to capture what wearing Glass feels like — complete with the Glass audio feedback.

Ockel explained how she captured the video on the Tesseract Mobile blog:

 I've been working on this for several nights now.  If the camera is too far away from the Glass prism, you can only see a small part of the screen.  If the camera is closer, the Glass earpiece interferes with the body of the camera. 

Watch the video: