We have just updated our Olympus E-1 preview with a detailed look at the Olympus Studio software, a $150 optional upgrade to the Olympus Viewer supplied with the camera. This review, prepared by Les Freed examines the Studio software in some detail. Studio provides facilities for image transfer, browsing, viewing, editting, printing, RAW conversion and tethered camera operation. Overall Les was impressed (especially with the RAW conversion speed) but would have liked to have seen Studio making up a standard part of the E-1 Kit. In other news Olympus Japan today announced a tentative timeline of new E system lenses, we should expect approximately five new E system lenses in 2004 and seven new E system lenses in 2005.

Olympus Studio Review

Click here for Les Freed's review of Olympus Studio

E System Lens Timeline

  • 2003: 14-54 mm, 50 mm, 50-200 mm, 300 mm
  • 2004: 10 mm, 11-22 mm, 17-40 mm, 42-120 mm, 150 mm *
  • 2005: 14 mm, 14-48mm, 25 mm, 45 mm, 42-135 mm, 90 mm, 110-220 mm *

* Unconfirmed and estimated from indications on the timeline