We all know the situation just too well. You're out shooting with your DSLR or mirrorless camera when you decide to swap lenses and have no idea where you've put the lens cap for the lens that's mounted on your camera body. It could be in the pockets of your pants, it could be in your jacket or anywhere in your camera bag. Usually it's in the very last place you look for it. In the worst case scenario you never find it at all.

A new Kickstarter project launched by two Canadian designers aims to solve the missing lens cap problem. HACkxTACK is a magnetic lens cap holder that attaches to your clothing or bag strap and safely secures your treasured lens cap via a metal tab that is attached to the latter. The holder itself is made of wood and stainless steel and has three magnets implanted in its interior. The magnets are device-friendly and do not interfere with your camera or other electronic devices.  

You can pre-order a HACKxTACK from $24CAD. That amount gets you one clip, one metal lens cap tab and a canvas bag. Additional tabs can be ordered for $5 but a variety of other backing options are available, too. Delivery is planned for August 2014. For more information visit the HACKxTACK Kickstarter page or watch the video below.