It hasn't even entered production yet, but Samsung's S 300mm f/2.8 ED OIS telephoto lens is certainly shaping up to be a very nice addition to the NX line. We were fortunate enough to be allowed access to a pre-production engineering sample of this new lens for a few hours. As a result we've put together a small gallery of images which should give some idea about the lens's likely performance once it becomes available. We apologize for the relative lack of variety in this gallery - it was almost all shot in an extremely compressed timeframe, early in the morning on the grounds of a hotel. But when someone offers us a new lens to try out, we take what we can get. 

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Note that the samples in this gallery were converted from Raw using a beta version of ACR 9.0 via Samsung DNG converter. Adjustments were limited to minor exposure and white balance tweaks.

The lens we used is a pre-production engineering sample. As such, image quality may not be representative of final shipping product but is likely to be close.