Pre-Photokina 2010: German manufacturer Schneider-Kreuznach will be unveiling two tilt-shift lenses in Canon, Nikon, Sony Alpha and Pentax K-mount at Photokina 2010. The PC-TS Super-Angulon 2.8 / 50 HM and PC-TS Makro-Symmar 4.0 / 90 HM allow ± 12mm of lateral shift plus 8 degrees of tilt, with directions of the tilt and shift to be rotated independently of each other. The company has also announced a similar 120mm medium format TS lens for the Mamiya and Phase One systems.

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Press Release:

Perspective control: SCHNEIDER KREUZNACH presents new tilt-shift lenses at photokina

PC-TS Super-Angulon 2.8 / 50 HM

Schneider-Kreuznach has launched three new tilt-shift lenses for digital single-lens reflex cameras with full-frame image sensor: Super-Angulon 2.8/50 mm HM, Makro-Symmar 4.0/90 mm HM and APO-Digitar 5.6/120 mm HM Aspheric.

BAD KREUZNACH, 17 September 2010. : The new Schneider-Kreuznach lenses feature shift and tilt movements for perspective control. Thanks to their extremely precise and stable mechanics, they enable the photographer to consciously control and shift the focal plane, creating new opportunities for image composition. The combination of these robust mechanics and Schneider-Kreuznach’s characteristic high-resolution optics makes the three new lenses a universal tool for professional photographers and enthusiastic hobby photographers alike.

Due to the large image circle of the lenses, they can be shifted by 12 mm and tilted by 8 degrees simultaneously. Both the tilt and shift mechanisms can be rotated by 360 degrees so that adjustments can be made in any direction and independently of each other. These individual settings mean that the photographer has a wide scope for creative image composition. The Super-Angulon and Makro-Symmar lenses were developed for DSLR cameras and the APO-Digitar lens for Mamiya/Phase One medium-format systems.

For more information on photo technology from Schneider-Kreuznach, visit us at photokina 2010 from 21 to 26 September in hall 4.2, booth D 021.

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PC-TS Makro-Symmar 4.0 / 90 HM