LaCie has introduced a new Rugged Thunderbolt external drive, updating its lineup with a 1TB SSD. This is double the previous Rugged drive's 500GB capacity, and is coupled with a rugged external housing able to withstand water exposure, shock, and dust. The inclusion of a Thunderbolt connection, meanwhile, enables fast transfer speeds compared to typical external hard drive speeds. 

LaCie claims file transfer speeds up to 387MB/s, which amounts to 100GB of data transfer in less than five minutes. Because Thunderbolt is used, the drive is also able to handle on-the-go footage and photo editing without suffering from bandwidth issues. The drive also supports USB 3.0 for times when Thunderbolt is not available; the Thunderbolt cable, however, is integrated.

The enclosure itself is able to withstand drops from heights up to 6.6ft., resist vibration and shocks that typically happen during transportation, and it has an IP 54 rating that means it can withstand water splashes and dust. The water and dust rating only applies when the enclosure's cap is in place, however. The drive is compatible with both Windows Backup and Apple's Time Machine; included with it is LaCie's Private-Public software, which offers 256-bit encryption.

The LaCie Rugged Thunderbolt 1TB SSD external hard drive will be available later this month for $949.99 USD.