Triggertrap has updated its Triggertrap Mobile app to make it compatible with the new Apple Watch and Pebble range of smartwatches. The new version of the app now allows DSLR users to trip their camera's shutter using one of these smartwatches via the wireless connection between the watch and an iPhone or Android smartphone. When installed on a smartwatch the app can be used as a remote release for camera-timed long exposures, Bulb and Time exposures, as well as for the multiple exposures of a programmed time-lapse sequence.

Users still need a smartphone to connect directly to the camera via the Triggertrap cable, but the wearables mode allows control from a greater distance, and without the risk of shake should the smartphone be mounted on the camera.

For more information see the Triggertrap website. The Triggertrap Mobile and Timelapse Pro apps are available for iOS and Android devices.

Press release:

Triggertrap announce support for triggering your camera from Apple Watch

Today, Triggertrap unveil the latest update to camera-triggering app Triggertrap Mobile, introducing support for triggering a DSLR camera from an Apple Watch for the first time ever.

The free update enables photographers to activate five of the most popular Triggertrap modes from Apple Watch: including the simple cable release mode, long exposure modes, and timelapse modes.

The Apple Watch app also features a customisable trigger delay. This lets the photographer set a delay of up to 10 seconds, which makes it perfect for self-portraits or solo light painting, as it gives users plenty of time to get in place.

Triggertrap have also rolled out an update to their first “pro” app - Triggertrap Timelapse Pro. This update brings Apple Watch triggering to the modular timelapse app.

Triggertrap Timelapse Pro makes use of the Apple Watch's unique Glance function to enable users to check on the progress of a timelapse without disturbing their camera.

Both updates are available to download on the iOS app store now at and Triggertrap have also put together a short video showing the new features, you can find the video at