I was getting bored, not much digicam news at the moment, so I remembered about my old 37mm video 2 x lens and realised it would fit the Pro 70 (Doh!)... This could be handy, I thought as the Pro 70 maximum zoom is only 70mm, so in theory I'd get 140mm.

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Unfortunately this lens wasn't built for high res photography and wasn't wide enough not to vignette even at full zoom. Undaunted I also remember that if you reverse a telephoto lens you get a macro lens.. So I turned the thing around and attached it with rubber bands (not scientific, and NOT recommended) however it seems to work allowing the Pro 70 to focus down to 2.25" instead of the 3" normally, doesn't sound like much difference but it can produce some quite nice results:

f4.0 1/2s [5.1EV] @ 70mm
(click for original image)

f5.0 1/8s [8.7EV] (-0.7EV) @ 70mm
(click for original image)

f5.0 1/10s [9.0EV] (-0.7EV) @ 70mm
(click for original image)
Macro mode, with the
2 x telephoto reversed.
Without, normal macro.

(top: without, bottom: with)
(click for larger image)