Today Red Hen Systems Inc. announced MediaMapper which " an innovative mapping program that easily integrates digital still pictures, video, and audio with GPS information into an interactive map.", put simply it will automatically map and locate images taken witha Kodak DC290 with connected Garmin receiver or Red Hen's own VMS 200.

Full press release:

Red Hen Systems Announces GPS Mapping Support for Kodak DC290 Digital Camera

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 27, 2000--Red Hen Systems, Inc., developer of the VMS 200 Video Mapping System, announced today at PC Expo the release of its new MediaMapper software.

MediaMapper is an innovative mapping program that easily integrates digital still pictures, video, and audio with GPS information into an interactive map.

The new software package incorporates the popular multimedia mapping features of Red Hen Systems' VMS Player software, enhanced to support the Kodak DC290 digital camera. MediaMapper follows the success of VMS Player for use with the VMS 200 Video Mapping System, which allows the user to integrate GPS-indexed video with computer-generated maps. "We developed the support for the Kodak DC290 to give our customers more flexibility and media alternatives when creating their interactive maps," said Ken Burgess, Red Hen Systems' vice president of research and development. "The Kodak DC290 is a megapixel camera that offers more than twice the normal resolution of video cameras."

MediaMapper is designed for ease of use and automation, enabling new users to smoothly make the transition from traditional mapping to multimedia mapping. MediaMapper users can essentially sit back and relax as the map is created. Multimedia capture from video is also highly automated, and map generation from Kodak DC290 images is a fast, hands-off procedure. After the map is created, a mouse-click reveals the multimedia files linked to mapped locations, including images, audio, video clips, or any other files. Media maps, as MediaMapper's interactive maps are called, can be exported as HTML files for Web sites or CD distribution. This enables businesses, government agencies, or anyone who shares mapped information to provide maps and linked multimedia files to millions of people. Media maps can also be shared with users of other popular GIS programs.

Key features of MediaMapper include:

  • Support for GPS-enabled Kodak DC290 digital camera (Garmin receiver or VMS 200)
  • Support for Trimble-based VMS 200 GPS hardware
  • Support for laser rangefinders and Red Hen Systems' digital compass module
  • Professional system uses EZdiff differential post-processing software for mapping GPS locations with higher accuracy
  • Registration of raster images for use as background map layers
  • GPS metadata injection for captured AVI files