Epson has posted a firmware update for the multimedia storage viewer the P-2000. Version 02.02 of the firmware now allows the 40GB hard drive to support JPEG images captured with digital SLRs that have image sensors up to 17.8 million pixels, such as the 16.7 megapixel Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II. Other changes include the addition of a histogram and RAW file support for a number of digital SLRs and the Canon PowerShot Pro 1.

Click here to download Epson P-2000 firmware update version 02.02 (Windows and Mac)

Release notes:

Epson P-2000 firmware update version 02.02

What has been changed in version 02.02 of the firmware?

1) Supports JPEG images from digital SLR cameras with up to 17.8 megapixel image-capture sensors.
2) Added Histogram information that shows the photo’s distribution of highlights, shadows, and mid-tones.
3) Additional RAW file support. The P-2000 can support images in RAW format with the following digital SLR cameras:

  • EPSON R-D1 .erf
  • Nikon D100, D1H, D2H, D70, D1X, D2X .nef
  • Canon EOS D30, EOS D60, EOS 10D, 300D, EOS 1D Mark II, EOS 1Ds Mark II, EOS Digital Rebel, Kiss Digital, EOS 20D, PowerShot Pro 1 cr2 and .crw
  • Konica Minolta Maxxum-7D .mrw (new)
  • Pentax *istD and *istDS .pef (new)

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