The new iPro Lens System, with a new case, is designed specifically for the iPhone 5.

Just as we finished posting about Olloclip's new telephoto lens, we received news that Schneider Optics released its iPro Lens System for iPhone 5, the Series 2.

The trio kit comes with three Series 2 lenses, the new iPhone 5 case and handle. Lenses are also available separately.

In addition to a new outer case to fit the iPhone 5's design, Schneider Optics developed the lens system to better fit with the iPhone 5 camera's higher resolution, improved lens and sensor.

The iPro Lens System includes five interchangeable lenses: a new macro, wide angle, super wide, fisheye and telephoto. The new super wide angle lens doubles the iPhone 5 lens' field of view and the new fisheye offers a 180-degree view.  According to Schneider, the 2x telephoto lens was built specifically to take advantage of the iPhone 5's higher resolution.

The new two-part case slides on and off the iPhone and includes a handle that can be attached to the case and also stores the lenses when not in use. 

The original iPro lenses for the iPhone 4 and 4S (which we reviewed last year) can be used on the iPhone 5 with the new iPro 5 Series 1 case. 

Prices for the Series 2 lenses start at $39; a kit with the new case, storage device and three lenses is priced at $229.