A new Tumblr blog, SunTimes/DarkTimes is documenting the effects of the recent layoffs at the photo department of the Chicago Sun-Times, as the paper shifts to greater use of multimedia, and smartphone images for its news coverage. The blog is posting comparisons highlighting the difference between photo coverage in the Sun-Times to that of the Chicago Tribune.

The Chicago Blackhawks parade the Stanley Cup around Chicago on Tuesday June 25th. The Chicago Sun-Times' front page image is on the left, and the Chicago Tribune's treatment is on the right. 

The results certainly seem to reinforce the views of many commentators who warned that the Sun-Times' photo coverage would suffer as a result of the cost-cutting. We've included a couple of examples here, and there are plenty more on the SunTimes/DarkTimes blog.

Another image from the Chicago Sun-Times' coverage of the Blackhawks win.