Toyota has revealed that the 2016 version of its Toyota Tacoma adventure truck will come pre-fitted with a windshield mount for a GoPro camera so customers can record their off-road antics. Drivers will have to supply their own GoPro cameras as those aren't included, but anyone interested in filming their muddy, dusty and rocky scrambles will be able to fit a camera to point forwards or backwards and capture either the 'flight' or the lucky passengers' reactions.

Recent Videos

The move comes with news that GoPro is offering videos on license deals to marketers via its own content agency. The service, called GoPro Licensing, will provide videos made by both amateur and professional users to interested brands from, according to marketing news source Adweek, $1000 a pop.

The service will launch with 600 videos suited to action-related companies, but Adweek says GoPro hopes to grow its content base significantly. Deals will be made with GoPro videographers for new and existing movies that advertisers will want to align their products and services with. The company has a sign-up page for those wanting to make use of the videos it already has on file.