Leica has today posted firmware 2.00 for the M8 digital rangefinder. This update adds support for SDHC cards (up to 32 GB) as well as adding an Auto-ISO option (a new feature touted for the M8.2). Installation is carried out by dropping the file onto an SD card.

Click here for the Leica M8 downloads page

Firmware version 2.000 - The update adds these improvements to your camera:

Compatibility to memory cards in the SDHC standard up to 32GB capacity.

Note: The choice of SD and SDHC cards in the market is already very big and is constantly growing. Therefore, Leica Camera AG is not able to do comprehensive compatibility- and quality testing with all available cards in the market. We recommend “Extreme III” or “Professional” from the leading brands such as “SanDisk” or “Lexar”. Using other card types, will not damage camera or card, but as especially “no name” cards do not respect the full SD or SDHC standards, Leica Camera AG cannot warranty full function with those cards.

New function “AUTO-ISO” with setting options for maximum ISO values and the slowest shutter speed (please see also instructions for LEICA M8.2 from page 121)

Note: It is not possible to “downdate” LEICA M8 cameras to previous firmware releases, once the version 2.000 has been installed.