Photographer Nick Ballon stumbled across the Lloyd Aero Boliviano headquarters on an annual trip to Bolivia. He was captivated by the expansive property and dilapidated buildings he saw, and his curiosity sparked a photo series and collaboration with Bolivian writer Amaru Villanueva Rance. Six months exploring the grounds, talking with employees and researching the long history of the dying airline has resulted in a stunning photo series and a book called Ezekiel 36:36.  

Photo by Nick Ballon. A Boeing 727 with seats removed for repairs.
Photo by Nick Ballon. L.A.B.'s last passenger flew in 2007 - the remaining operational aircraft are grounded at headquarters without license to fly.
Photo by Nick Ballon. Former L.A.B. airline captain whose crew went on strike after salaries went unpaid.

Visit Nick Ballon's site to see more of his work, and check out the website established for the project.