Thanks to Danny Brenner for pointing me to this company press release about a 6.6 megapixel CMOS sensor which is the same size as a 35mm negative frame yet thin enough to be placed in (one would assume) the back of a normal 35mm camera... No products yet but it's interesting stuff.

Major achievement could transform the future of high quality digital imaging

Herzlia, January 10, 2000
Scitex Corporation Ltd. today revealed that it is completing development of the innovative Leaf C-MOST™, active pixel CMOS sensor. The company released details of its patent pending technological breakthrough, a 6.6 Mega Pixel CMOS sensor in a unique, ultra-thin package. This is the first full-size, 35mm CMOS sensor to be commercially developed.

The Leaf C-MOST 6.6 Mega Pixel sensor is another technological breakthrough for Scitex Input Systems Division. In 1986 this Scitex division pioneered the first flatbed, CCD color scanner, and in 1992 it presented the Leaf DCB, the first film quality, digital camera back for professional studio photography.

The company embarked on the sensor project in order to develop future products to complement its CCD based Leaf line of camera backs for professional digital photography. The project yielded the new Leaf C-MOST sensor which presents key advantages over existing CCD and CMOS sensor technologies.

With its unique, ultra thin packaging the Leaf C-MOST sensor can be positioned in the focal plane of a standard 35mm camera, allowing full-size, high resolution images to be captured using standard 35mm lenses. The Leaf C-MOST sensor provides exceptional image quality when compared to other CMOS sensors due to the unique active pixel design, and its high sensitivity and low noise levels are comparable to CCD technology currently available.

Scitex also affirmed that Leaf devices incorporating the Leaf C-MOST sensor are expected in the future to offer cost effective digital imaging alternatives to CCD based devices.

Scitex collaborated with three innovators on the research and development activities. FillFactory of Leuven, Belgium for the design of the CMOS sensor; Tower Semiconductor Ltd., of Migdal Haemek, Israel for the wafer fabrication process and ShellCase Ltd., of Jerusalem, Israel for the development and production of the custom packaging.

The new, patent-pending scalable Leaf C-MOST technology could have far-reaching implications and the company plans to raise external funds to expedite and expand the development of the devices and their applications.

About Scitex:
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