The Sony QX cameras are mobile-photography-targeted modules that allow you to clip a larger sensor, zoom lens and additional battery to your smartphone to extend its capabilities. The modules use a Wi-Fi connection to allow their control from a camera app - making them some of the most connected cameras yet. So just what to we make of the compact 10x QX10 and the larger-sensor QX100? 

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Follow these links for our take on the QX10 and QX100, and scroll down for more details.

Here at we've taken a close look at the high-end QX100. Built around the same core components as the Cyber-shot RX100 II, the QX100 promises a huge step up in image quality, compared to a standard smartphone camera. But at what price? Are you really getting an RX100 II substitute for 1/3rd off? Click through to find out.

We've also published a deeper look at both systems and how they relate to one another over at Follow this link to see what we thought.

And finally, has also published an overview of the QXs and what they mean for connected mobile photography. Click here to read more.