Adobe has today launched its new range of design, publishing and image editing applications under the name 'CS' which stands for Creative Suite. Gone are version numbers of the past, the new applications will carry the CS suffix. So we have new Adobe Photoshop CS, ImageReady CS, etc. Of most interest to our readers will be Photoshop CS which new has a variety of new features focused on the digital photographer. These include built-in camera RAW support (including CA and Vignetting correction), an improved file browser, improved support for 16-bit editing, match color, histogram palette and shadow / highlight correction. We have been using a beta version of Photoshop CS for a while now and will have a full review of Photoshop CS available very soon. Adobe Photoshop CS is due to ship towards the end of November.

Adobe Photoshop CS* Screenshots

Adobe Photoshop CS: Camera RAW

Settings menu options (Advanced mode):

Adjust Detail Lens Calibrate

White Balance
- Presets
- Temperature
- Tint

Luminance Smoothing
Color Noise Reduction
Chromatic Aberration R/C
Chromatic Aberration B/Y
Vignetting Amount
Vignetting Midpoint
Shadow Tint
Red Hue
Red Saturation
Green Hue
Green Saturation
Blue Hue
Blue Saturation

Adobe Photoshop CS: Shadow / Highlight adjustment


Shadow / Highlight
Shadow strength 25%
Highlight strength 0%

* Screenshots from a Beta version of Photoshop CS

Adobe Photoshop CS Press Release:

Adobe Raises the Digital Imaging Standard with Photoshop CS

Streamlined ImageReady CS, Enhanced Camera Raw Functionality and New Shadow/Highlight and Match Color Features Headline `Must Have' Photoshop Release

SAN JOSE, Calif. — Sept. 29, 2003 (NASDAQ: ADBE) — Adobe Systems Incorporated, the leader in network publishing, today announced Adobe® Photoshop® CS, a dramatic full-version upgrade to the professional standard in desktop digital imaging. Available as a key component of the Adobe Creative Suite (also announced today) or as a standalone software application, Photoshop CS is loaded with indispensable new features that help creative professionals craft the highest quality images more quickly and efficiently than ever.

Photoshop CS increases user control, with a redesigned File Browser enhancing search, sorting and sharing capabilities and a new Histogram Palette monitoring changes in the image as they are made. Additional advances include: Match Color, which reads color statistics to quickly achieve a consistent look across a series of photographs; Shadow/Highlight which radically improves the contrast of over- or underexposed digital images; and enhanced ImageReady® CS integration. Photoshop CS also integrates second generation Camera Raw functionality, enabling direct manipulation of raw data in an expanded set of professional-grade digital cameras.

"Photoshop is the gold standard in digital imaging and a catalyst in the continuing digital photography revolution. This release empowers our customers to deliver their highest quality work, faster and more efficiently," said Bryan Lamkin, senior vice president of Digital Imaging and Video Products at Adobe. "For the millions of people worldwide who rely on Photoshop every day, our new CS edition will be a must-have upgrade to their digital imaging desktop."

Features for Graphics and Photography Professionals
For graphic designers, features such as Layer Comps can be used to quickly capture design variations within a single file, then instantly output alternates for client review. Eye-catching typographic designs can also be created by manipulating fully editable text on any path or inside any closed path. Photoshop CS enables photographers to work directly with raw data from even more digital cameras and includes comprehensive editing support for 16-bit color images. Color across images can be synchronized effortlessly with Match Color and Shadow/Highlight correction cures exposure problems while preserving midtones.

"As a digital shooter who not only captures hundreds of shots each day, but also has to meet time-sensitive client demands, I'm excited about the enhancements in Photoshop CS," said Martin Evening, notable London advertising photographer and author. "The more powerful File Browser with integrated and expanded Camera Raw support gives me the speed, personalization and intuitiveness I've been searching for while the Shadow/Highlight correction tool provides an easy way for me to deal with tricky image adjustments. I'm impressed."

Professional Film and Video Features
Photoshop CS removes the guesswork for film and video professionals designing sequences for DVD, video and film. Accurately creating imagery for display on screen has always been a challenge, because non-square pixels, typical of video, cause computer-generated graphics - which use square pixels - to appear distorted. With non-square pixel support in Photoshop CS, video professionals can see the image as it would appear on the destination device and they can create with confidence using preset video-standard sizes, including automatic action-safe and title-safe guides. The 16-bit support in Photoshop CS preserves the rich color palette of film and the product is tightly integrated with Adobe's industry-leading video software, including Adobe Premiere® Pro, Adobe Encore™ DVD and Adobe After Effects®.

ImageReady Comes of Age
Web designers benefit from the seamless integration of ImageReady CS with Photoshop CS which gives them the ability to prepare graphics more quickly and easily than before. The enhanced user interface features multiple object selection, manipulation and grouping, with Smart Guides to facilitate object alignment. Exporting to Macromedia® Flash™ SWF can be done in one step with preserved vectors and dynamic text, including embedded fonts. Web professionals can also create leaner, more easily edited HTML, with new controls for nested tables, XHTML and more.

New Adobe Creative Suite
Photoshop CS is a key component of the all new Adobe Creative Suite. The Adobe Creative Suite Premium Edition combines full, new versions of Adobe Photoshop CS with ImageReady CS, Adobe Illustrator CS, Adobe InDesign CS, Adobe GoLive CS, and Adobe Acrobat 6.0 Professional and introduces the innovative new Version Cue™ file version manager, to easily track iterations and quickly locate files. The Adobe Creative Suite is a complete design solution that gives today's creative professionals everything they need to create and publish content to print and the Web faster, more easily, and more efficiently than ever.

Pricing and Availability
Photoshop CS for Mac OSX 10.2.4, Microsoft® Windows® 2000 with Server Pack 3 and Windows XP will be available in the fourth (calendar) quarter of 2003 to customers in the United States and Canada through Adobe Authorized Resellers and the Adobe Store at Adobe Photoshop CS will be available for an estimated street price of US$649. Registered users of any previous version of Adobe Photoshop can upgrade to Adobe Photoshop CS for an estimated street price of US$169. Photoshop CS is also available as part of the Adobe Creative Suite. Registered users of any previous version of Photoshop can upgrade to Adobe Creative Suite Premium Edition for an estimated street price of $749, or the Standard Edition for $549. For more detailed information about new features and upgrade policies for Photoshop CS, please visit: For more detailed information about the Adobe Creative Suite, please visit: