Flash and flash accessory manufacturer Cactus has updated firmware for its V6 wireless flash transceiver to include profiles for the top end guns from Olympus and Panasonic's Micro Four Thirds and Four Thirds systems. Firmware 1.1.004 makes the V6 transmitter/receiver units compatible specifically with Olympus FL-50R, FL-36R and Panasonic FL-500R and FL-360R.

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The update now also includes Metz 58 AF-2, 52 AF-1 and 44 AF-1 flash units, and the Godox V860N unit in the Nikon configuration. The V6 is already compatible with guns fitted for Canon, Nikon and Pentax cameras. A list of bug fixes will also benefit all users of the V6.

For more information visit the Cactus website.