Architectural observations in the Mirrors series by Panos Papanagiotou.

Greek artist Panos Papanagiotou (@hellopanos) uses his iPhone to reflect on the details of urban living in his Mirrors series. The photos range from minimal to narrative—challenging the viewer to look at an otherwise mundane detail in a fresh way.

It’s easy to look at Papanagiotou’s series and wax poetic about photographic inkblot tests and the monotonous decay of once-great architecture and technology. But the Mirrors series is just downright cool when viewed as a whole.

On Papanagiotou’s Tumblr, the abstract images are like a guessing game. From afar, it is unclear what the structured images could be but as you enlarge the photographs, you realize you're seeing a lamppost or horizon—the subjects are often objects we view and dismiss every day.

For iPhone photographers looking to create the Mirrors look, apps like Symmetry and Mirrorgram capture a split composition similar to what Papanagiotou used in his series. Android users can achieve the effect in FxCamera and Windows Phone 8 users can try Symmetry Photo

The Mirrors series can be seen on Papangiotou’s Instagram account or its dedicated Tumblr page.