Toshiba has announced an SDHC card equipped with NFC, claiming it to be the world's first. With the corresponding 'Memory Card Preview' app downloaded to a mobile device, the user can tap the card to view a thumbnails of 16 images and see available storage... and that's it. Unlike Toshiba's just-refreshed FlashAir series of cards, there's no Wi-Fi connection here for heavier lifting, like transferring photos. Aside from NFC, it's a fairly ordinary Class 10-rated SDHC UHS-I card available in 8GB, 16GB and 32GB versions.

If you're the kind of person to stockpile half-filled memory cards in a desk drawer (we're sure we don't know anyone like that), then this feature might be useful for quickly sorting out which card was used on which trip. But we can't help feeling that without Wi-Fi for image transfer, it's a little short on useful features.

The press release appears on Toshiba's Japanese site with an indication that the new cards are on display at CES in Las Vegas.