Cokin has announced a complete overhaul of the branding and packaging of its square filters. The existing different-sized ranges ( 'A', 'P', 'Z-Pro' and 'X-Pro') have been rebranded into a single 'Creative Filter System', with the four sizes relabelled 'S', 'M', 'L' and 'XL'. Gone are the old bulky plastic storage boxes too, replaced by a slimmer 'SlidePack' design which takes up half the space, and uses a microfibre-lined sleeve to help keep your filters clean. Photographers nostalgic for the good old days can breathe a sigh of relief though - old classics such as Tobacco Grads and Sunset filters are still in the catalogue.

It's clear that Cokin has struggled to keep its front-of-lens filters relevent in the age of digital; where film photographers had little other practical choice for adding effects to their images, photographers are now more far more likely to manipulate their files after capture. The parent company went into administration in November 2010, and Cokin was rescued by Kenko Tokina in 2011. Whether rebranding and repackaging (however well-devised) will be enough to keep it going remains to be seen.

Would you buy into Cokin's Creative Filter System rather than use post-processing? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

Press release:

Cokin rethinks its range of creative filters.

New brand image. New packagings.

Cokin announces a new step in its renaissance, by simplifying its range of creative products. For years, we used “creative filters” as a generic name. Today, CREATIVE FILTER SYSTEM (CFS) becomes the official name of our range of creative products.

All the existing Cokin creative products (A Series, P Series, Z-Pro Series and X-Pro Series) are unified under this new range name. Until now, dealers had to explain the difference between each systems. However, what makes a customer decide between the different systems is the size of their lenses rather than the features of each. That’s why, instead of four different products (A, P, Z-PRO, X-PRO), it will be easier to explain CREATIVE FILTER SYSTEM as one product, available in four sizes (S, M, L, XL). Moreover, the use of “textile” denomination of sizes (S, M, L, XL) helps having a clear overview of the range. As of today, Cokin CREATIVE FILTER SYSTEM range will look like this:

Cokin also presents a more comprehensive brand identity, with pictograms and color code, to help customers understanding what system is recommended to them. Pictograms give information on the new size denomination, the previous name of the series, the minimum and maximum diameters of available adaptor rings for this size.

As a reminder, the CREATIVE FILTER SYSTEM logo carries four dots () echoing colors of each
size, for customers to understand these items are part of the same range.

This overhaul wouldn’t be complete without a total rethinking of our packaging, to replace the long-lasting 35 years plastic box which protected Cokin creative filters since 1978.

After extensive research and development, Cokin is proud to announce SlidePack™, a revolutionary and environment-friendly new packaging for its best-selling M Size (ex-P Series) filters. SlidePack™ is approximately 55% smaller and 60% lighter than the previous packaging, and is only made of recyclable material to reduce Cokin footprint and help preserving the world that gives us so beautiful pictures.

We’ve also learnt a lot about users expectations. This new packaging is more user-friendly. The filter slides in an out of the packaging with only one hand. Made of thick carton and overpacked in a ready to pegboard polyethylene strong sleeve, SlidePack™ is very protective. The inner part of SlidePack™ is coated with a microfiber cloth. Not only does it prevent the filter from being scratched, but it cleans it each time the filter slides in and out. Moreover, the design of SlidePack™ prevents the filter to drop unexpectedly. It has never been so easy to use a Cokin filter. 

The first 22 M size (ex-P Series) filters to adopt the new SlidePack™ are:

  • 001 Yellow
  • 002 Orange
  • 003 Red
  • 007 Infrared (89B)
  • 020 Blue (80A)
  • 120 Gradual Neutral Grey G1
  • 121 Gradual Neutral Grey G2 (ND8) - 0.9
  • 121L Gradual Neutral Grey G2 Light (ND8) - 0.3
  • 121M Gradual Neutral Grey G2 Medium (ND4) - 0.6
  • 121S Gradual Neutral Grey G2 Soft (ND8) - 0.9
  • 121F Gradual Neutral Grey G2 Full (ND8) - 0.9
  • 122 Gradual Blue B1
  • 123 Gradual Blue B2
  • 123S Gradual Blue B2 So
  • 124 Gradual Tobacco T1
  • 125 Gradual Tobacco T2
  • 125S Gradual Tobacco T2 So
  • 152 Neutral Grey ND2 - 0.3
  • 153 Neutral Grey ND4 - 0.6
  • 154 Neutral Grey ND8 - 0.9
  • 197 Sunset 1
  • 198 Sunset 2

Every SlidePack™ will carry a brand new graphic design and a never-seen before picture that will bring some fresh air to the range. Packagings of S (ex-A Series), L (ex-Z-PRO Series) and XL (ex-XPRO Series) as well as those for adaptor-rings and filter-holders will adopt the new CREATIVE FILTER SYSTEM graphic design in a close future.

Named after its founder Jean Coquin, a famous french photographer of the 70’s, Cokin is the inventor of the innovative CREATIVE FILTER SYSTEM (adaptor ring + filter-holder + filters), the most popular filter system in the world.