The top 10 finalists of the Mobile Photography Awards have been named, one will be chosen as the MPA Photographer/Artist of the Year this Friday.

The top 10 finalists in this year's Mobile Photography Awards run the gamut of mobile art -- from heavily manipulated surrealist works to black and white portraiture that you'll find hard to believe was taken on a smartphone. 

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But the medium is no longer the story, says Daniel Berman, founder of the annual awards. 

"We are past the point of saying, 'Oh wow, these were done on a smartphone!' and well into the next phase of determining who the leading artists are who happen to work in the medium," Berman explained.

This year's top 10 finalists are: Roger Clay, Marie Matthews, Souichi Furusho, Gusbano, Sarah Jarrett, Melissa Vincent, Alfred Pleyer, Helen Breznik, Edyta Lipinksa and Lene Basma. You can see work from each on the MPA website.

One of them will be named the MPA Photographer/Artist of the Year on Friday, Feb. 15 -- watch for our story here on Connect.

The winners of 20 MPA categories were previously announced, including the DPReview Connect category, which invited participants to share images that conveyed what the word "connect" means to them. Souichi Furusho of Japan won the category with his image titled "Image Pic #51." Runner up was Michal Koralewski of Poland for "Winter Time." 

"Of our 20 image categories, we had winners from 11 different countries," Berman said. "This is truly a global movement that goes far beyond the social image sharing of Instagram. There are genuine artists using mobile devices to create works of art and we are here to celebrate and provide exposure to those people."

The MPA Grand Prize Jury includes Joanne Carter (publisher of mobile photography and art web resource The App Whisperer), Daria Polichetti (the co-founder of mobile photo and art community, Misho Baranovic (photographer and author of e-book iPhone Photography – How to Shoot, Edit and Share Great Photographs), Star Rush (the co-founder of Lys Photo Magazine and an instructor at the Cornish College of the Arts), Andy Royston (photographer, and a regular lecturer on mobile photography and art at the Museum of Discovery and Science in Ft. Lauderdale), Nettie Edwards (internationally recognized award-winning mobile photographer and artist) and Daniel Berman (filmmakerfine art photographer and Founder of the Mobile Photo Awards.)