Nikon has today posted firmware v1.1 for the Coopix 2100 digital camera. This firmware appears to address the same issue as the recently released firmware update for the Coolpix 3100. This new firmware fixes an issue with the reporting of battery level on the LCD monitor, the camera may have under-reported the available power when using the EN-MH1 rechargeable battery, although this didn't affect the actual life of the battery. The download is available in English for Windows and Macintosh operating systems.

Click here to download Nikon Coolpix 2100 Firmware v1.1

Press Release:

Release note for COOLPIX 3100/2100 firmware upgrades

The following issue is addressed in this firmware upgrade:

The battery indicator displays a low battery condition even though EN-MH1 rechargeable batteries are still almost fully charged. This firmware upgrade changes the sensing point of the battery level indicator to reflect the battery charge condition.

The Coolpix 3100/2100 camera can be used with a variety of batteries including Lithium Ion CR-V3 type batteries or the rechargeable Nickel Metal Hydride types supplied with the camera. The battery level indicator has been set to show the condition of all available batteries balancing each different characteristic and may indicate a low battery condition with rechargeable types even though the battery is still almost fully charged. As a result of customer feedback we provide users with the option to change the battery level indicator setting for the low battery condition themselves by the process of updating the firmware in the camera. The firmware update is a simple process which is described in the readme file which is linked below.

After the firmware upgrade the battery level indicator will be set for rechargeable types. Please note that the firmware upgrade simply changes the sensing point of the battery level indicator and will not affect the performance of the camera nor increase the number of pictures that can be taken with your batteries.