Samsung has entered a partnership with Pentax to co-develop digital SLRs. Pentax has already launched four digital SLRs, while the Samsung's 8MP 15x zoom Pro815 is the closest its got to a high end camera, with a price tag to match. The two companies will share 'their respective competencies to enhance competitiveness in digital cameras'. Samsung will bring digital image processing technologies, brand recognition and digital convergence technologies to the table, while Pentax, whose SLRs use Penta Prism technology, possesses a wide range of interchangeable lenses.

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Press Release:

Samsung to enter the Digital SLR market

Samsung announces agreement with Pentax to co-operate and jointly develop new digital camera products. This will broaden the product range to offer consumers greater choice

Seoul, Korea - October 12th, 2005: Samsung (CEO Lee Joong-Koo, announces an agreement with Pentax to jointly develop Digital-SLR cameras.

The partnership between Samsung and Pentax will be based on sharing their respective competencies to enhance competitiveness in digital cameras.

Samsung holds superb digital image processing technologies, digital convergence technologies and world-wide brand recognition in digital appliance markets. Its partner, Pentax, has developed SLR cameras using Penta Prism technology. Pentax possesses a wide range of high-performance interchangeable lenses as well as cutting edge technologies for high precision cameras.

It is estimated that the world-wide digital camera market will continue its growth with unit sales of 82 million for 2005 and 89 million for 2006. The digital SLR market growth rate will exceed the overall digital camera growth rate with over 4 million unit sales for this year and over 5 million unit sales for 2006.

Samsung announced its vision of "becoming a top-class Digital Camera manufacturer" in May 2005. Since then, Samsung has seen strong success and rapid sales growth through the launch of innovative products and strong marketing.

Samsung has the No. 1 market share in Korea with a share of around 30%. Globally, Samsung is one of the fastest growing brands in digital cameras. Market share has doubled in the last year and this growth is set to continue.

Most recently, the Samsung Pro815, an advanced All in One digital camera, has generated massive interest. The Pro815 will provide the ideal platform for expansion into solutions for enthusiast and advanced photographers.

Press Release:

PENTAX and Korea's Samsung Techwin reach an agreement to jointly develop lens-interchangeable digital SLR cameras

Seoul, Korea — PENTAX and Samsung Techwin Co., Ltd. today signed an agreement allowing both parties to combine their unique technologies to develop interchangeable lens digital SLR cameras.

For generations transcending the history of film cameras, PENTAX has accumulated wide-ranging know-how in the development and manufacture of SLR cameras. And through the optimal application of its optical technologies and experience in interchangeable lenses, PENTAX has extended its expertise and unshakable brand power to the development, manufacture and sales of digital cameras.

Samsung Techwin also develops and manufactures high-quality digital cameras through actively taking advantage of the diverse digital technologies of Samsung Group working in the fields of digital media and semiconductor products. Achieving satisfying growth through its marketing activities centered on its domestic market of Korea, Samsung Techwin is dedicated to enhanced marketing on a global scale.

Through combining their individual strengths and working together in synergy, PENTAX and Samsung Techwin are devoted to supplying attractive digital camera products tailored to the needs of individual markets.

Pentax and Samsung enter into strategic agreement to jointly develop next generation digital SLR cameras

London October 12 - Pentax and Samsung have announced that they have entered into an agreement to share resource, expertise and intellectual property in developing the next generation of SLR cameras - combing Pentax's unrivalled optical heritage with Samsung's leading edge expertise in digital technology.

To gain a competitive edge in an ever-challenging SLR marketplace, Pentax and Samsung have agreed to combine their collective expertise to ensure products remain innovative and market leading in the two key areas differentiating SLRs; namely the front-end optics and digital infrastructure. Increasingly manufacturers are recognising the need to have both these key competencies united within their research and development houses.

This strategic partnership enable Pentax to develop its SLR product portfolio yet further, delivering all-round improved performance across its range of SLR cameras. Already holding a position of strength in the SLR market, this development will only serve to cement and enhance Pentax's position in the market.

David Moore, managing director, Pentax UK, comments: "This is a great step forward for Pentax as this agreement gives the company invaluable access to Samsung's far-reaching expertise in digital technology. This can only serve to help our own engineering teams better understand how to make the most from new technologies in driving forward the SLR market and for Pentax to retain its position as a pioneer in the photographic marketplace."

Although there will be co-operation and a strategic partnership around research and development, each company will continue to develop and market independent product portfolios. Pentax will continue to focus on, and be differentiated by, its technological mission; that of developing cameras defined by excellent optics, user-friendly functionality, small size and cutting edge design.