During the re/code Code Conference earlier this week in California, GoPro’s CEO Nick Woodman detailed a rig the company is working on that will accommodate six Hero4 cameras to record multi-angle footage for virtual reality uses. Google revealed a similar rig at its I/O 2015 conference yesterday, with the primary exception being that it holds 16 GoPro action cameras rather than six. The rig is called Array, and it was made in partnership with GoPro for Google's new Jump virtual reality platform. 

Array is a circular device able to hold sixteen GoPro action cameras that each record footage at different angles. The resulting footage will ultimately be stitched together to produce 3D videos for YouTube, which will be viewable using 'Cardboard', an inexpensive VR headset first introduced by Google at its I/O 2014 event. According to Google’s Vice President of Product Clay Bavor, the Internet giant has shipped more than a million Cardboard units since the product’s introduction.

Via: Re/code