We've been working on a brand-new studio comparison scene for some time, and we've decided to give you a sneak peek, as a beta, using images from the new Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX7. We'll be speaking more about this new scene (and the new interface that goes with it) very soon, but for now we wanted to let you have a look, try it, play around and tell us what you think.

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We will, of course, be adding an increasingly large selection of existing models to the widget in the coming weeks, so that you can compare to older cameras, but we wanted to be able to show the GX7 results and invite feedback as early as possible.

This is a beta, so we're aware there may be some bugs at first (including rather slow loading, first time it's used). Please bear this in mind when responding. The best way of reporting an issue is via the feedback page.

New Features:

The two most obvious features should be the buttons at the top of each widget:


These buttons allow you to swap between a daylight simulation scene - which is the way our current scene is lit. This gives a good idea of how the camera will behave in good light. However, to give a clearer idea of how a camera might behave in the less-than-perfect conditions encountered in the real world, there is also low-light mode, partially illuminated using a tungsten bulb.

Image Size:

Another feature, aimed at making it easier to compare camera with different pixel counts, is 'Image Size' feature, that normalizes images down to an 'Print' size (7 or 8MP), and 'Web' size (~3MP), which puts all the cameras on a similar footing.