PhotoShelter, a site that provides photographers with tools for their websites, has introduced a new project it has been working on called Lattice, which allows the service's users to browse collections of images that have been aggregated into boards. The way the new service works is similar to Pinterest and will be rolling out in phases, the first of which is now available to the public.

The goal behind Lattice is to offer a new method for showcasing and discovering images from professional photographers. In this first phase, invitations are being sent out to individuals who will be able to curate the content on Lattice's photography boards; PhotoShelter says that in time it will further expand who can curate.

Images can be saved to boards that showcase a specific subject or type of photography. Once a board is made, any PhotoShelter photographer can recommend images they want to see added to a board, as well. Visitors are given the option to sign up for notifications when content is added to the stream in which they're interested.

There are dozens of photography boards already created and available on Lattice, and there's an invitation system available for those interested in curating. For now, says PhotoShelter, the new service will be monitored while feedback is gathered, and will soon be expanded with a new search system and more features.